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खाद्य सुरक्षा रजिस्ट्रेशन लाइसेंस प्राइवेट कंसल्टेंसी पोर्टल
FSSAI has implemented a system of validating through OTPs. While processing your Customer Service Champs will collect 4 - 5 OTPs from you. | Online B2B Portal for Fssai/Food Registration License. The food business operator may face imprisonment of upto 6 months and FSSAI license penalty up to rupees 5 lakhs for operating business without License.



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  1. Apply for renewal within 180 days prior to license/registration Expiry.
  2. Our portal/system never prohibits filling the date after/before 180 days.
  3. We also inform the applicant that the renewal fee does not include any kind of late fine.
  4. Late fine depends upon how many days the applicant applied for renewal after expiry.
  5. In case the applicant doesn’t have login details is his/her license/registration is expired then his/her application will get processed for a new license/registration.
  6. After acceptance of terms and conditions it is by default that the applicant is ready for the above procedure. (refer to point no.5)



FSSAI Basic License

The Basic FSSAI Registration is available to all petty food business operators. Specifically, an FBO with yearly revenue of up to 12 lakh can apply for the Basic Registration. If you are a small-scale food product maker, marketer, storage unit owner, retailer, or distributor, you should register your firm with the basic registration.

FSSAI State License

FBOs that are not covered by Schedule 1 of the FSS Regulations, 2011, but have a yearly turnover of 12 lakh rupees or more (up to 20 crore rupees) should apply for a state license to continue operating. Similarly, all-grain, cereal, and pulse milling units, regardless of turnover, must have a State FSSAI License.

FSSAI Central License

The Central License is required for food business operators who operate in more than one state and are subject to Schedule 1 of the FSSAI Regulations, 2011. FBOs having an annual turnover of 20 crores or more are also required to get a Central FSSAI license.


Form statement

Applicants must submit the declaration/statement form in the name of the business’s owner.

Property Paper

If the owner has property paper issued by the government then candidates need to give a duplicate copy of the property paper( if accessible).

Safety certificate of food

The candidate needs to provide a safety food management system or certificate.

Identity proof

For the verification process, applicants must give a copy of valid photo Id proof, such as an Aadhar card or a voter Id card.

Approval letter

Applicants have to give an approval letter to confirm the process of registration.

Agreement paper of rent

If the property is rented, the owner must give a copy of the rent agreement (If rented property).

Electricity/Water bills

Applicants have to provide a copy of the (business)working place’s electricity/water bill.

Nominee Name

Applicants must provide the company with the name of the nominee as well as the board resolution.


Consumer Awareness:

In this information age, consumers are becoming more aware of food quality, standards, and hygiene. Online grocery stores more conveniently really is FSSAI certified before buying anything from outside since it gives them more assurance about the food’s quality, free of contamination and adulteration. Furthermore, this provides the consumer with sufficient evidence to file a complaint if the food sold is defective. As a result of the fear of legal action, there is a far lower likelihood of bad food quality among those who have a food safety license. As a result, obtaining a Food Business Registration gives you a unique advantage in terms of rapidly expanding your customer base.

Legal Advantage:

Most people still believe that getting a food license is a time-consuming and difficult process that involves a lot of paperwork and paperwork. There’s also the misconception that getting a food license costs a lot of money. So, instead of obtaining a food license, a new business would suffer a significant loss. But, the fact is the polar opposite of this. Food licenses can be obtained quickly and easily by paying a small charge to one of the many FSSAI License Consultants. In fact, a business that operates without a food license faces severe penalties. This is a significant expense when compared to obtaining a food license, which also provides you with official registration proof.

Using FSSAI Logo:

The FSSAI only gives licenses to businesses that meet minimal hygiene criteria. If you have a food license, you can display it on menu cards, pamphlets, packing bags, and other materials. The FSSAI logo on the food item will define your goods from the competition. The FSSAI license includes a verified FSSAI number, which provides customers with some further assurance regarding the food’s quality. Customers nowadays only buy food that bears the FSSAI mark and a number. As a result, it significantly expands your customer base.

Business Expansion:

Every newly established business wishes to grow its business to all other locations and to discover a new market or consumer base. Customers should feel safe buying a new product while launching a business in a new place. It is also easier to grow your business into new locations or create new outlets if you have a valid food license. Furthermore, it will make it easier to obtain a loan or any other money needed to build the firm because it provides assurance to the person or bank providing the loan.

Upgrades in quality

The FSSAI license/registration will promote you to serve high-quality food, which will improve the overall performance of your food business.