FSSAI Registration Number FSSAI Registration Number

Food products manufactured and sold in India must have the logo and registration or licence number of the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Every food business operator must obtain a 14-digit FSSAI Registration Number or a licence number which must be printed on food packages.

According to the Food Safety and Standards Act India (FSSAI) 2006, every food manufacturer should get a licence from the Food and Drug Authority or an authority connected to FSSAI.

As per the union government’s notification and the amendment of the Food Safety and Standards (packaging and labelling) Amendment Regulation, 2013, It is necessary to print an FSSAI licence/registration number and FSSAI logo on the packaging of food products. This notification would help the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) track manufacturers who do not have FSSAI licences/registration

The notification should be implemented in letter and spirit to ensure stringent quality checks and bring down adulteration.


How to read the FSSAI Registration Number :

  • The 14-digit FSSAI Registration number provides information about the manufacturer’s licence or registration details, and the manufacturing state.
  • The number encompasses essential information about the manufacturer and is divided into five parts.
  • The first single digit indicates whether the manufacturer is a licence holder or simply registered, the next two digits provide the state code, the following two digits give the year the manufacturer was registered/licenced with FSSAI.
  • The licensing authority or registering authority is disclosed in the next three digits and remaining are the manufacturer’s licence/registration number.



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