FSSAI Registration For Importer FSSAI Registration For Importer

FSSAI Registration is a license to carry out Food Business Activity in India “legally”. It is mandatory for a Food Business Operator in India to acquire FSSAI Registration.


Process Of  FSSAI Registration For Importer

  • An importer and CHA, has to take NOC i.e. No Objection Certificate from FSSAI to import any food items in India. NOC is the document issued by FSSAI to the importer/CHA which allows import of food items in India.
  • Imported food will be first received and verified by the Customers Authorities from that region and they decide whether a No Objection Certificate(NOC) is required from a designated Port Health Officer for release of the imported food.
  • Once the Imported Food Items arrive, it is mandatory for the Airport Authorities and Customers to verify the Invoices, Bill of Entry and other Certificates submitted by Importer and the IGM submitted by the Transporters before the unloading of the cargo is allowed.
  • Appropriate entries are made in the Risk Management (RM) Module of this System at various stages, including when the consignments are cleared for unloading. This is the most important activity in the entire process of ensuring safety of imported food items & FSSAI Registration For Importer.
  • FSSAI provides an opportunity to CHA and importer to apply for online application for clearance of consignments.

In the order issued regarding amendment in FSS(Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011, The process of FSSAI Registration For Importer include. All importers must apply for issuance of the license as provided under Act immediately if it has not been done earlier.



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