FSSAI Registration and License Myths

FSSAI Registration Myth

Some Common Myths About FSSAI Registration and License:

Myth:I am not a food manufacturer, I don’t need an FSSAI Registration

Truth: Any Food Business Activity needs to get an approval from FSSAI to ensure that the food is hygienic and clean. Anyone who deals with “Food” MUST consult an FSSAI Expert.

Myth: Small retailers/ FBOs whose production Capacity is minimal doesn’t require an FSSAI registration or License.

Truth: As told before Any Food Business Activity requires an Approval from FSSAI. For small retailers and less production requires an FSSAI Registration, not FSSAI Licensing.

Myth: FSSAI and FDA are two separate entities.

Truth: There is no difference. FSSAI is a new governing body. FDA is a helping hand of FSSAI.

Myth: I am a Dietary Supplement Seller on a very small scale. I don’t need an FSSAI Registration.

Truth: The seller requires  FSSAI Registration as well as a product approval as there are no regulations specified in FSSAI.