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What is the FSSAI License FORM B About?

Form B is the FSSAI License form to be filled by the Food Business Operator while applying for FSSAI state License. FSSAI License FORM B is the basic form to be filled which comprises of an FBOs Business Activities.

FSSAI License FORM B is the mandatory document which is needed in filing for FSSAI License.

Why is FSSAI License FORM B important?

FSSAI License FORM B is the initial form that has to be filled by a Food Business Operator to apply for FSSAI License.

Some FAQs about FSSAI License FORM B :

A: No, along with FSSAI License FORM B, FBOs have to submit around 18-20 documents specific as per their Business Activity.
A: You can download FSSAI License FORM B on this website You can also scroll down and fill the form below to download the FORM B

*NOTE: In case of manufacturers ensure that the technical person whose is nominated in form b is as per the qualifications mentioned in annexure 3 Clause 4 of the Food Safety Standards Regulations, 2011.


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